The Great Treasury of Christmas Comic Book Stories

The Great Treasury of Christmas Comic Book Stories collects wonderful Christmas comics from the Golden Age. This book will warm the hearts of children of all ages! Top cartoonists like Walt (Pogo) Kelly, John (Little Lulu) Stanley, and Dan Noonan penned the humorous, heartwarming comics in this beautiful collection. You'll meet elves, reindeer, talking snowmen, funny animals, and, of course, Santa Claus himself, in terrific stories that will provide a sense of wonder for the whole family!


"Mr. Yoe's high publishing standards are all in place: The book is beautifully bound and designed, the paper choice is excellent, and the comic stories are reproduced with true 'comic-book' color. The story and artist choices are superb as well. All in all, this is a 'guaranteed-bright-eyed-smile' kind of gift that will be sure to please any kid. And for you adults pondering this purchase for the kids in your life - stop your pondering! This one's a dead lock - and at around $23.00 it's a great bargain on a great collection."


"You'll find it all right here in this colorful, beautifully wrapped present. If you have kids, this would be great to read to them. If not, just sit back and remember what it was like... or should have been. It goes without saying that The Great Treasury of Christmas Comic Book Stories would also make a wonderful present that children would cherish for years to come!"


"Big and colorful and packed with goodies, this book evokes the same delight I used to find when I found comics under the tree."
Brigid School Library Journal


"Craig Yoe's latest is an honest-to-goodness timely release of some fine, classic Christmas stories, made back when hitting the widest possible audience with things they might actually like was the comic book mandate."
Tom Spurgeon


"Great! Put me down for one Santa!"
J. Caleb Mozzocco


"Buy two--one for you and one to give as a gift. It's perfect for anyone--comic book fans, animation buffs, and/or everyone who enjoys the fantasies of the holiday season."
--Cartoon Brew 


Praise for "Krazy Kat and the Art George Herriman: A Celebration":

"Before the world met a mouse named Mickey or a feline named Felix, there was Krazy Kat and his pals Ignatz Mouse and Offissa Pupp."
--Liesl Bradner, Los Angeles Times

"A handsome new book!"
--Dennis Drabelle, The Washington Post

"Craig Yoe has dug up never-published artwork, artifacts, and letters that will bring Herriman to life for the uninitiated while giving fans something new to feast on."
--Chris Nichols, LA Magazine

"Yoe's affection for the subject and its creator is clear from the loving attention to detail found from cover to cover."
--Robert Greenberger,