The Golden Collection of Klassic Krazy Kool Kids Komics

IDW andYoe! Books present THE Golden Collection of Klassic Krazy Kool Kids Komics.


The first collection of its kind, this huge, luxurious volume lovingly collects the brilliant kids comics that such luminaries as Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Frank Frazetta, Walt Kelly, Dr. Seuss, Syd Hoff, Jules Feiffer, George Carlson, John Stanley, Dan deCarlo, Sheldon Mayer, Carl Barks, and myriad other brilliant geniuses created during the heyday of kids comics in the 1940s, '50s, and beyond. Astute comic book fans and their eager kids alike will love the funny and beautiful full-color stories of slap-stick superheroes, fantastic fairy tales, and awesome anthropomorphic animals.


Introduction by children book author and twice Carnegie Medal winner, Mo Willems.

"Another week, another amazing book from Craig Yoe!"
Jerry Beck


"Editor Craig Yoe, after all, has proven himself quite the curator!"
Brian Heater


"I was delighted to write a short introduction to the volume."
Mo Willems


"The exceptional research skills of writer, editor, and designer Craig Yoe are on full display here."
Beth Davies-Stofka


Praise for "Krazy Kat and the Art George Herriman: A Celebration":

"Before the world met a mouse named Mickey or a feline named Felix, there was Krazy Kat and his pals Ignatz Mouse and Offissa Pupp."
--Liesl Bradner, Los Angeles Times

"A handsome new book!"
--Dennis Drabelle, The Washington Post

"Craig Yoe has dug up never-published artwork, artifacts, and letters that will bring Herriman to life for the uninitiated while giving fans something new to feast on."
--Chris Nichols, LA Magazine

"Yoe's affection for the subject and its creator is clear from the loving attention to detail found from cover to cover."
--Robert Greenberger,