Alice in Comicland

Lewis Carroll stars in a comic book story? Alice becomes Archie, Lucy, and Pogo? The Cheshire Cat becomes Snoopy? The March Hare becomes… Bugs Bunny? And the cast of Wonderland meets Superman?! Only in Alice in Comicland!

Some of the greatest cartoonists tumble down the rabbit hole for their own unique look at Lewis Carroll's famous creation! Walt Kelly, Charles Schulz, Alex Toth, Dan DeCarlo, George Carlson, MAD-men Harvey Kurtzman, Jack Davis, and Dave Berg, the Simon and Kirby Shop, the Walt Disney Studios, Yellow Kid creator R.F. Outcault, and many more visit Wonderland and draw home to tell about it!

You'll be astonished to see Alice gruesomely starring in the banned horror comics of the 1950s, in a romance comic, riding on a flying saucer, meeting Santa Claus, as a teeny-bopper, going to the weird Monkey Island, looking like Alfred E. Neuman, selling out to shill bread... and even have a sex change--TWICE!

The fascinating comics, the rare original art, a special introduction by Mark Burstein, president of Lewis Carroll Society of North America, and a revealing foreword by the award-winning comics historian Craig Yoe make this book truly a wonder!

Alice in Comicland will leave you grinning like the Cheshire Cat!


Praise for "Krazy Kat and the Art George Herriman: A Celebration":

"Before the world met a mouse named Mickey or a feline named Felix, there was Krazy Kat and his pals Ignatz Mouse and Offissa Pupp."
--Liesl Bradner, Los Angeles Times

"A handsome new book!"
--Dennis Drabelle, The Washington Post

"Craig Yoe has dug up never-published artwork, artifacts, and letters that will bring Herriman to life for the uninitiated while giving fans something new to feast on."
--Chris Nichols, LA Magazine

"Yoe's affection for the subject and its creator is clear from the loving attention to detail found from cover to cover."
--Robert Greenberger,