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Cover of The Complete Voodoo Volume 2

The Complete Voodoo Volume 2

Voodoo has put a spell on you! One of the weirdest, coolest, cheesiest, most bizarre, goriest Pre-Code comic book series is being reprinted in its entirety. This over-the-top comic was originally printed in Canada and imported to the States--some people say in an attempt to avoid the probably deserved censorship. We do know that it features beyond good taste, sexy Good Girl Art, and old-skool horror art by the master Matt Baker and his associates from the infamous art group The Iger Shop!

 This second volume includes Pre-Code classics like “They Couldn’t Die!” “Torture Travelogue,” “Vanishing Cadavers,” “Voodoo Canvas,” “Good Bye World!” “Satan’s Plaything,” “Blood Revenge,” and “Skulls of Doom!”

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