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Cover of MATCHLESS BEAUTIES by Richard Green

A tour-de-force presentation of beautiful images of women, used to sell everything from piston rings to lightbulbs! As an "ADDED BONUS," a special section of advertising pin-up clip-art is included, making it a handy visual reference for professional graphic and advertising designers, too!

Matchless Beauties is a presentation of hundreds of classic "Girlie" matchbook covers in full color, displaying pin-ups by legendary pin-up artists such as Earl Moran, George Petty, and Alberto Vargas, as well as many unsung anonymous artists who created beautiful "Glamour Girls" to sell everything from lightbulbs to lingerie. Today's burlesque revivalists can find inspiration in the colorful covers shown in one chapter, while hula dancers invite tourists to exotic luaus and stateside tiki bars in another. The range of applications and advertisers is astounding!

Culled from one of the best private collections of matchcovers in the country, Matchless Beauties offers a fun journey into one of the most popular forms of ephemeral advertising of the 20th century. On a more practical note, this book will also serve as a handy visual reference guide for professional graphic designers looking for ideas. Whether used as inspiration or just enjoyed as sweet eye-candy, Matchless Beauties is a welcome addition to the library of anyone who appreciates feminine beauty and vintage advertising.

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