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Alice in Comicland

Lewis Carroll stars in a comic book story? Alice becomes Archie, Lucy, and Pogo? The Cheshire Cat becomes Snoopy? The March Hare becomes… Bugs Bunny? And the cast of Wonderland meets Superman?! Only in Alice in Comicland!

Some of the greatest cartoonists tumble down the rabbit hole for their own unique look at Lewis Carroll's famous creation! Walt Kelly, Charles Schulz, Alex Toth, Dan DeCarlo, George Carlson, MAD-men

Felix the Cat Paintings by Don Oriolo

The multi-talented Don Oriolo has brought us Felix The Cat's adventures through movies, television, comic books, merchandising, and song. The wonderful book Felix The Cat Paintings collects art by Don Oriolo--paintings that are colorful, imaginative, and a fitting tribute to his muse, the World's Most Famous Cat, Felix!
Featuring a foreword by Craig Yoe, with essays from cartoon aficionados Jerry Beck, Mark Evanier, David Gerstein, and Paul Castiglia.