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Cover of FICTION HOUSE: From Pulps To Panels, From Jungles To Space by Mitch Maglio

Fiction House: From Pulps To Panels, From Jungles To Space is researched and edited by Mitch Maglio, with an introduction by Roy Thomas, and a foreword by Hames Ware.

From Africa to outer space, World War II to werewolves, and always with strong, beautiful women, Fiction House had it all! Sexy jungle girls, like Sheena and even sexier ray gun-toting heroines on Mars! Now, for the first time, the entire history of the publisher and its titles--Planet Comics, Jungle Comics, and Ghost Comics, and more--is told!

Packed with breathtaking cover reproductions, original artwork, and full-length stories, Fiction House: From Pulps To Panels, From Jungles To Space tells the enthralling story. The lives of some of the people behind Fiction House are as exciting as those of the heroes in their comics. Thrill to the stories of legends such as Nazi escapee Lily Renée, the extraordinary artist. Meet pioneering black Good Girl Artist Matt Baker! Read all about Fiction House’s founder, death-defying Niagara Falls rapids swimmer John “Bearcat” Glenister!

Creators at Fiction House included Will Eisner, Maurice Whitman, Ruth Roche,  Jack Kamen, Fran Hopper, Lou Fine, Bob Lubbers, Audrey Blum, Mort Meskin, and many more. Inside these covers, you’ll even find rare original art by outsider artist Fletcher Hanks! Anti-comics crusader Dr. Fredric Wertham hated Fiction House, but you’ll love the facts about Fiction!



Publisher: Yoe Books & IDW
Hardcover:300 pages
Release date: November 28, 2017
8.5 x 11 inches

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