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Ditko's Monsters collects Gorgo and Konga’s best individual stories. Who's stronger, the ape or the reptile? You decide who's the winner of this epic battle! The stories were written by Joe Gill and drawn by that masters of all pencils, Steve Ditko.

Ditko's Monsters includes two intros. Beloved comic book writer, editor, artist, and critic, Tony Isabella writes about his favorite reptile, while Mark Ditko, Steve Ditko's nephew, reveals a few secrets about the ape and the artist who drew him. Ditko's Monsters is lovingly assembled by debuting editor, Griffin Yoe, who also writes two short forewords. 

Plus, two covers using Flipism Technology: one on the front, another on the back! Be ready to read half of this book standing on your head or, for better blood flow, you can turn the book upside down.

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Series: Ditko's Monsters
Publisher: Yoe Books & IDW
Paperback: 96 pages

Release date: March 2019
6.625 x 10.187 inches