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Cover of Ditko's Monsters: GORGO!

The genius artist Steve Ditko is a towering monster of awesomeness, and so is the character he chronicled... GORGO! If you love Godzilla--and who doesn't--you'll love Gorgo, who ravages London, New York City, and Hollywood! Gorgo goes head-to-head with the British Navy, atomic bombs, Communists, and aliens from the planet Corpus III!

This is the complete Gorgo: 200-pages of comics and six pulse-pounding covers, all drawn during the height of Ditko's prowess, concurrent with his Spider-Man and Dr. Strange creative explosions.

Scripts are by the fan-favorite writer Joe Gill. The introduction, written by Eisner Award-winner Craig Yoe, showcases fascinating insights into the comics and the monster movie that inspired them.

Every page is lovingly restored and the book is a large format hardcover to showcase the monstrous Ditko art.

Click here for the companion book, Ditko's Monsters: Konga! More Ditko? Get Konga vs. Gorgo, compiling the best stories of the two monsters, Ditko's Shorts, The Art of Ditko, and The Creativity of Ditko.


Series: Ditko's Monsters
Publisher: Yoe Books & IDW
Hardcover: 224 pages

Release date: March 19, 2013
Language: English
8.5 x 11 inches

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