Dog Hair Remover
Dog Hair Remover
Cover of WEIRD LOVE #12 comic book

"Strangest of the strange!"
--Rhymes With Geek 

“The surreal, the hysterical, and the downright dumb!”
--A.V. Club


Cover: The great Al Avison!

Artists: Bernard Sachs, Vince Colletta when he cared, Jim Mooney, and more masters of Good Girl Art!
Writers: Who knows? They were too ashamed to sign these lurid potboilers!

The cult hit is back! From the people that bring you Haunted Love, Weird Love begins with a stern cautionary tale: “Never Love a Man with a Harem!” and “Mexican Madness.” Read it if you dare the sleazy “Backroads Romance.” There’s the tale of a fallen woman, “I was the Wholesome Type!”

“Marked Woman” is this issue’s “What th’?!” moment! And the bizarro: ”Clothes Make the Man…RUN!” Plus MORE!!!


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