Dog Hair Remover
Dog Hair Remover
Cover of WEIRD LOVE #15 comic book

"Deranged genius, a wildly entertaining collection!"
--Wired Magazine

"It's only getting WEIRDER!"
--We The Nerdy 

Cover: Marty “Bizarre” Elkin
Writers: Richard Hughes and various weirdos
Artitsts: Vince Colletta and various weirdos

Guilty pleasure anyone? WEIRD LOVE anyone? The cult-fave comic this ish brings you “They Called Me Tramp!” “It’s Like Love, Pussycat!” “How Can You Forgive Me?” “Kiss Proof Kate” "Empty-Headed Beauty,” and check out the shocking, sleazy, sordid tale “Motel!” (or should we say “check in” “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith”?)


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