Dog Hair Remover
Dog Hair Remover
Cover of WEIRD LOVE #16 comic book

"Trashy tramps, dollops of trollops!"
--Dan Greenfield, 13th Dimension 


Cover: Bob Powell
Writers: Richard Hughes and more
Artists: Bob Powell, Ogden Whitney, and more!

If you love your comics weird then WEIRD Love is the perfect comic for you! This issue starts with the cover story by Bob Powell, ”To Love A Cheat,” overflowing with sexy Good Girl art. “Built for Love” is stacked with innuendo. The story is ostensibly about building a house. It’s not the home that is obviously built for love, but the female protagonist! There are many more sordid stories this ish but you demanded that we present another pinko-commie-cold war-comic so read it and weep: "Iron Curtain Romance”!

WEIRD Love is fortified with OMG, LOL, and WTF?!


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