Dog Hair Remover
Dog Hair Remover
Cover of WEIRD LOVE #17 comic book

This is just WEIRD Love #17, you know what we mean? It means it’s time for our long-desired special Hot For Teacher issue!

We give new meaning to the phrase “teacher’s dirty looks”! This is issue where writers got failing grades for always portraying females in some kind of bad light and males always getting some kind of a hall pass. And you can get your “C” changed to an “A+” if you just take good notes as you study these sordid tales!

Sharpen your pencil, turn on your desk lamp, and dive into the adventures of the saucy student body and tardy teachers!

Welcome student of the incredulously inappropriate and the pulpy perverse… welcome to WEIRD Love High School!


To order, contact your local comics shop. Find the nearest one here.