Dog Hair Remover
Dog Hair Remover
Cover of HAUNTED HORROR #19 comic book

It's October, and Haunted Horror is dead on arrival--aka just in time for Halloween! Yes! I, Mr. Karswell, hath returned from beyond the black with a very special harvest of festively themed, dark, deplorable delights!

How can one icky ol' issue contain so much All Hallow’s Eve high-jinks and hanky-panky, you ask? Well, bury yourself within where wicked witches, blood thirsty vampires, black cats, and sinister skeletons stalk the spooky, kooky night! And what high-spirited horriday would be complete without a grim grinning ghost or two?! Hell, this time we’ve even graciously included a story for the kiddies!

So put on your best evening shroud, and leave the apple bobbing to your uncle (get it?), it’s time to gather ‘round the flickering blaze of the jack o' lantern flame, as we summon up some serious, seasonal scares! Happy Halloween!


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