Dog Hair Remover
Dog Hair Remover
Cover of HAUNTED HORROR #14 comic book

A very special issue of spook-tacular tales handpicked by heinous horror host Mr. Karswell, infamous for his spine-tingling web collection of Pre-Code horror, The Horrors of it All!

Zombies, ghosts, man-eaters, and more gore than your mangled little mops can ever hope to handle await! You'll lose you head over the Shelly Moldoff cover! You'll scream with delight over the banned comics, "Death's Revenge," "Horror of the Cannibal's Dinner," "The Murderous Mimics," and too much more!

Includes stories by Doug Wildey, Jon D'Agostino, Paul Cooper, Abe Simon, Al Eadeh, Tony Mortellaro, and Lee J. Ames.


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