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Haunted Love

Cover of HAUNTED LOVE #3


Screams a charm as the third and finale fright-filled issue of the hair-raising new hit misery-series, Haunted Love concludes with a gag-gle of gruesome guys ’n gals ensnared in shivery Pre-Code tales of love and romance gone horribly awry! Sheld ...

Cover of HAUNTED LOVE #2


Just when you thought it was safe to crawl back in your corroded coffins, Haunted Love #2 worms its way into your hearts with more awful affairs and creeped-out courtships direct from the crumbling crypt of golden age Pre-Code comics! SEE! Monsters ...

Cover of HAUNTED LOVE #1


A macabre misery-series from the titanic terror team--those punks, Steve Banes, Craig Yoe, and Clizia Gussoni--that brought you Haunted Horror and Weird Love, Haunted Love is the unholy spawn of both horrifying hit titles!  Haunted Love features ...