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Dog Hair Remover
Cover of HAUNTED LOVE #2

Just when you thought it was safe to crawl back in your corroded coffins, Haunted Love #2 worms its way into your hearts with more awful affairs and creeped-out courtships direct from the crumbling crypt of golden age Pre-Code comics!

SEE! Monsters get married! HEAR! The haunting howl of love even AFTER death! SMELL! The eternal stench of a long rotted romance! TASTE! (ummm, do NOT put this comic book in your mouth!) FEEL! The worst case of crabs EVER!

45 putrescent pages of unfortunate foreplay into the sickening supernatural with Alex Toth, Bill Savage, Bud Thompson, Ken Landau, and more! Edited by Steve "Mr. Karswell" Banes of The Horrors of It All!

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