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Cover of Classic Monsters of Pre-Code Horror Comics: GHOSTS! by Steve Banes

There's an eerie moan on the midnight wind from just beyond the cemetery gate. A crypt door slowly creaks open, and a strange shape emerges from the darkness within.

It flitters across the cold, foggy night, eyes ablaze with hate--and now glaring in your direction! You're too paralyzed to move. It's coming towards you... closer... closer... closer...

From the terror team that curdled your blood with Haunted Horror, Zombies, Return of the Zombies, and Haunted Love, GHOSTS is the latest and ghastly greatest in the Classic Monsters of Pre-Code Horror Comics collection, which includes Mummies and Swamp Monsters. 

128 pages of appalling apparitions, formidable phantoms, shuddery seances, shivery spooks 'n specters, and evil wraiths with much more than just revenge on their murdered minds!

Featuring hair-raising precode '50s horror gems and a ghostly gallery of classic cover creeps!


Series: Classic Monsters of Pre-Code Horror Comics
Publisher: Yoe Books & IDW
Paperback: 128 pages
Release date: October 8, 2019
7 x 10 inches




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