Dog Hair Remover
Dog Hair Remover
Cover of POPEYE CLASSICS Vol. 9:

“What a genius! Sagendorf’s comic books were classics,
completely his own… brilliant stream of consciousness tales,
with plenty of action and suspense, and clever,
silly cartooning that carried it beautifully!”

--Potrezebie/Bill Pearson

--Graphic Policy/Brett Schenker

Ahoy ya swabs!

Popeye, his sweetie-patootie Olive Oyl, his little boy child Swee’pea, his friend-who-will-pay-him-Tuesday-for-a-hamburger-today Wimpy, and his "emenie," the dreadful Sea Hag are all here in another stupendous volume of hilarious adventures!


Grab and be entertained by this thick, beautiful volume of adult and kid friendly treasures!

Collects comics issues #40 thru 44.

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