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"Invisible Men: The Trailblazing Black Artists of Comic Books by Ken Quattro is both a revelation as well as a memorial to another generation of 'Invisible Men,' in Ralph Ellison's telling phrase: the book documents an era of talented black creators whose names have been lost to history. The book is a revelation because of the sheer number of talented artists Quattro has discovered, and its a memorial because of his meticulous research, which he has used to document the lives and accomplishments of a generation of barely to completely unknown black comics artists working in superhero, horror, and romance comics in an overwhelmingly white industry."
--Calvin Reid
Senior News Editor, Publishers Weekly
Editor, PW Comics World
Cohost, More to Come, PW's weekly podcast on comics publishing.

"An indispensable contribution to the history of American comics, for fans and scholars alike." 
--Qiana Whitted, PhD
Director of the African American Studies Program at the University of South Carolina
Author of EC Comics: Race, Shock, and Social Protest.

"This is the most complete list of Black Golden Age artists I've ever seen, complete with photos and examples of their work.  This is a crucial historical document and I'm glad to have it."  
--Reginald Hudlin, Producer and Director

"Whenever I discover important new history, I feel that 'Earth shifting on its axis thing.' The landscape looks new because you have a new perspective. Or maybe you have a 'higher' perspective and can simply see more. That's what the enlightening Invisible Men: The Trailblazing Back Artist of Comics!"
--Mark Seifert, Managing Editor, Bleeding Cool

"A timely and information-packed book giving tribute to a host of unsung Black creators of fabulous four-color art and comics."
--Karen Green, Curator for Comics and Cartoons, Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Columbia University

"A long neglected chapter of comic book history brought to light by a master scribe!"
--Prof. William H. Foster III, Comic Book Historian
Author of Looking For A Face Like Mine

"Invisible Men highlights forgotten yet essential figures in our industry. Bravo to Mr. Quattro for finally giving them their due."
--Keith Knight, Creator of The K Chronicles, Woke


Hear the riveting stories of Black artists who drew, mostly behind the scenes, superhero, horror, and romance comics in the early years of the industry.

The life stories of each man's personal struggles and triumphs are represented as they broke through into a world formerly occupied only by white artists. Using primary source material from World War II-era Black newspapers and magazines, this compelling book profiles pioneers like E.C. Stoner, a descendant of one of George Washington's slaves. Stoner became a renowned fine artist of the Harlem Renaissance. Perhaps more fascinating is Owen Middleton who was sentenced to life in Sing Sing. Then there is Matt Baker, the most revered of the Black artists, whose exquisite art spotlights stunning women and men, and who drew the first groundbreaking Black comic book hero, Vooda!

Gorgeously illustrated with rare examples of each artist's work, including full stories from mainstream comic books to rare titles like All-Negro Comics and Negro Heroes, plus unpublished artist's photos. Invisible Men: The Trailblazing Black Artists of Comic Books features Ken Quattro’s over 20 years of impeccable research and writing. The social and and cultural environments that formed these extraordinary artists are deftly detailed by Quattro in this must-have book!


Publisher: Yoe Books & IDW
Hardcover: 240 pages

Release date: September 22, 2020
8.5 x 11 inches



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